Arens RVI boxer motor

The light, electronically controlled RVI boxer engine, weighing 25 kg, is at the core of this business proposition. Thus, the power unit generates up to 22 kW and combines the design advantages of two-stroke engines with the consumption and emission advantages of modern four-stroke engines. This adaptable propulsion unit lends itself to deployment in land-based vehicles, aircraft and water vessels, as well as in nano cogeneration units and range extenders.

Primary properties Arens RVI 372-2Z PH30

power: 30 hp (22 kW)
speed: 1.000 to 7.500 rpm
weight: 25 kg
displacement: 372 cm3
spec. consumption: 270 g/kWh
fuel supply: high-pressure direct injection
fuel: gasoline
lubrication: Multi-point direct lubrication

Scalability & Application


The two-cylinder RVI boxer engine represents a modular basic design from which two further cylinder variants can be derived using a small number of additional parts: a 186 ccm one-cylinder engine and a 744 ccm four-cylinder engine. In addition to the cubic capacity-based capacity variations, additional capacity options can be generated by means of increasing rotational speed delimitation.

Thus, power density can be further significantly increased while observing abbreviated maintenance intervals, this being of interest particularly in motor racing and in flight applications. Using the electronically controlled ignition and direct injection system, the characteristics of the engine can be individually adapted to the respective application. The RVI engine thus achieves maximum flexibility, tapped by numerous possible applications in land-based vehicles, aircraft and water vessels, as well as in micro combined heat and power plants and range extenders.

Design and function