High Pressure Pump - HDPS 200-DD

Arens Motoren presents a 2900 psi high-pressure pump for various fluids, injector and atomising systems. It is designed for engines with displacements below 1000 cc.. The pump is not only characterized by a high degree of efficiency. It is also able to charge fluids with poor lubrication properties (e.g. water).

Primary properties Arens HDPS 200-DD

Förderdruck: 200 bar (2900 psi)
Geometrisches Fördervolumen: 0,19 bis 0,59 cm3/cycle
Gewicht: 1,3 kg
Fördermedien: among others, low-viscosity and non-lubricating fluids


Areas of application range from deployment in small combustion engines with high-pressure direct injection (see Arens RVI boxer engine) to atomising systems in the food industry. Upon request, we shall be pleased to examine the possibility of undertaking application-specifi c adaptation in relation to fl ow output or the chemical stability of the materials used.

Design and function



Flow rate per rotational cycle

Volumetric efficiency