Arens Motoren is a company that focuses upon the development of an innovative direct injection two-stroke combustion motor. The objective is to further develop tried and tested motor technology and to combine it with state-of-the-art technologies. The synergistic effects that result from this give rise to motor products that have new properties in terms of weight, economy, emissions and installation space. Alongside drive train development, Arens Motoren offers comprehensive services for adaptation to the individual requirements of customers.

Hochdruckpumpe HDPS 200-DD

The Arens HDP 200-DD is a very effi cient and compact high-pressure pump, which is...

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Arens RVI Boxermotor

The engine design developed by Arens Motoren combines the classical installation space, weight and design advantages of the two-stroke engine with the emission advantages of four-stroke engines. ...

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Arens RVI Außenbordmotor

A new motor concept for outboard motors....

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